About Us

Stonesfair is a private real estate investment and management firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stonesfair specializes in the pursuit, acquisition, financing, and managing of apartment communities in distinct target markets. We specifically target multi-family properties within a 2 to 2.5 hour travel time from our corporate office. This ensures frequent visits to the properties to monitor operations and keeping a keen eye on the look and feel of a property.

We operate multifamily real estate with goals of cash flow, appreciation, and protecting and preserving investor principal. Stonesfair and its staff are dedicated to provide its residents with excellent service and a high quality living environment.

+ years

combined real estate investment and management experience

$ million

in acquisitions and financing


own and operate

$ million

approx. equity raised

$ million

assets under management

% return

approx. average return per annum

Stonesfair Financial Corporation
established 1993

The Acquisition Arm of Stonesfair

Our focus is large multifamily investing, although we have done office and retail when appropriate. We possess a depth of experience in multifamily acquisitions, dispositions, financing, asset management, and property management.

Stonesfair normally acquires an investment property for the long term. It does not do “quick hits” in order to make money off the acquisition and disposition fees. A good long term illustration of one of our early investments that we have owned for 27 years, yields 30% per annum and has returned 16x on the original investment.

Our long standing industry relationships with lenders, brokers, and investors gives us competitive advantages in the marketplace. We are a platinum borrower with banks, agency debt and life insurance companies. Most importantly, Stonesfair Financial Corporation invests alongside its investors and is the single largest investor in each and every deal. Bluntly put, we put our money where our mouth is.

Stonesfair Management LLC
established 1996

The Property Management Arm of Stonesfair

Our hands-on approach to every aspect of property ownership and management has proven to be successful. We enhance our properties’ performance through careful due diligence. Stonesfair Financial and Stonesfair Management work hand in hand to ensure that every aspect of asset management and property management are well coordinated to maintain the asset in as good or better condition from the day we bought it.

Operational efficiencies are the result of the symbiotic relation between Stonesfair Financial and Stonesfair Management. Our team is dedicated to provide its residents with excellent service and a high quality living environment.

DILIGENT. THOROUGH. proven results.

Stonesfair Investments Expertise

Since inception in 1993, Stonesfair has grown from a small, multi-family investment firm to a corporation with over $450MM in assets.